Thank you for supporting CUNY Law students this giving season. Below you will find template language and images that you can use to spread the word with your networks and help us fundraise. The impact of investing in CUNY students will have ripple effects for years to come as they go on to fight for a better, more just future. Thank you for being a part of that change!

If you would like to email your network to share more about CUNY Law and our Giving Tuesday campaign, we drafted some template language for you below. Simply copy, paste, and make any adjustments or additions you'd like.

Subject: Giving Tuesday: Put 40 Years in Focus
Dear friends, 
The giving season is here! Once again, I’ll be giving to CUNY Law and I hope that you’ll join me as the school celebrates its 40th year! I am giving to honor (PERSONALIZE) because (PERSONALIZE).
::Insert Photo::
Join me, give today in (PERSONALIZE)’s honor. Your contribution will not only pay tribute to the past but also propel CUNY Law into a brighter future, making needs-based scholarships, bar study grants, public interest summer and project grants, and more possible for our future advocates. 
Here you can learn more about CUNY Law and its end-of-year fundraising. I am proud to be a part of the CUNY Law community and excited to help put 40 Years in Focus. 


If you'd like to get the word out on social media we have some template language for you to use on different platforms in case helpful.
This Giving Tuesday let’s put #40YearsCUNYLaw in focus and honor the moments, movements, and people that made us.  
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This giving season I’m supporting @CUNYLaw — #40YearsCUNYLaw.  I am giving in honor of the activists, organizers, and advocates building the future of social justice. This will raise funds to make needs-based scholarships, bar study grants, public interest summer and project grants, and more possible for them.  #supportcunylaw

Giving Tuesday
This #GivingTuesday I’m supporting @CUNYLaw as they put 40 Years in Focus. All donations support students, helping ensure they have the resources they need to graduate and spotlight social justice issues affecting their communities. #supportcunylaw


If you want to include images in sharing CUNY Law's #GivingTuesday campaign with your network, simply right-click any image below to save/download and then use it on any social media platform!